Undoubtedly, the evolution of institutions is directly related to the planning and capacity of their leadership.

For us physicians, who have been linked for years to the societies that bring together scientific, academic and professional interests in the different specialties, this reality poses a great challenge.

Until not long ago, becoming the head of these institutions meant nothing more than enjoying a certain academic prestige, accompanied by some leadership qualities, closely associated with friendly ties and chronology, generally marked by the “it’s time and so So much so that I have to occupy a certain position”…., This does not mean at all, that under these circumstances outstanding leaders have not emerged, who were considered pioneers for our Societies or Federations.

However, today times have changed and the trend points to professionalization and the search for excellence in executive management; It is necessary to add to the aforementioned requirements, the preparation that allows developing the skills and competencies that ensure our institutions the elaboration of projects that dynamize and strengthen them over time, as true entities that carry out leadership in their sector, generating strategic alliances that broaden its field of action.

All of this entails effort and dedication, where, imbued with a corporate spirit, we are willing to prioritize institutional requirements above personal interests and, based on these inalienable principles, undertake a rigorous preparation that allows us to access management positions, with projects methodologically developed, which, with the consensus of the peers that make up the work teams, will undoubtedly result in the general good.

For some time now, FLASOG has embarked on this path, through a Strategic Planning carried out and shared with all the Societies and Federations that comprise it, in the idea that by making our institutions great, we will be able to distinguish and highlight their members. To this end, within the structure of the Federation, different Functional Areas have been operating (Academic and Scientific; Prevention of Women’s Health; Professional Development and Organizational Development); It is precisely in the Organizational Development Area that the Management Development Committee has been created, which is dedicated to providing the necessary tools to equip all those who aspire to be leadership in the Federated Societies and therefore in the future of FLASOG,

In this direction, in 2017, through FLASOG, the First Diploma in Development of Management Skills has been issued and this year a second diploma is being developed, specifically aimed at aspects related to the functions of President, Secretary and Treasurer. . We believe that this is the path and we aspire that over time, each and every one of our Societies incorporate this work philosophy, which will undoubtedly make them stronger and this will empower all of Latin America, in order to ensure the health of our women and the professional practice of all colleagues.



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