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  • 22 January, 2021

Welcome Message: 1st Ibero-American Summit on Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Welcome Message: 1st Ibero-American Summit on Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Welcome Message: 1st Ibero-American Summit on Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health 908 372 admin


Distinguished personalities from the table of honor.
Friends and friends, everyone.

I warmly appreciate the opportunity that the Organizing Committee of the First Ibero-American Summit on Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health, for the request that they have made me to address a few words at this opening ceremony.

I want them to be, naturally, words of greeting and welcome that reflect the friendly feelings that characterize our great Ibero-American family. We first of all thank our distinguished personalities at the table of honor for their unrestricted support and the distinction of their presence at this ceremony. Thanks to the special guests and foreign and Mexican teachers. It is an exemplary trait of detachment and fellowship, they have not hesitated to depart from their enormous work to share among us the concerns of knowledge and give us their scientific knowledge. Our recognition for them has no limits, as well as the consideration we keep for them.

Despite these advances, at the World Conference on Human Rights, held in Vienna in 1993, it became necessary to insist that the rights of women and girls constitute inalienable human rights. The contribution of these conferences was the recognition of new rights, such as sexual and reproductive rights and, mainly, enriching the strategy for the implementation of affirmative actions regarding the march towards gender equality. Among the main components of the rights-based approach are: gender equality and equity, sexual and reproductive rights, and attention to sexual and reproductive health.

The fundamental objective of this approach is to transform the language of rights into real improvements in people’s quality of life and, from one point of view, transform them into daily actions. The world must react that in medicine not everything is biology, physiology, technology, modernity and novelty, but it is essential to consider its humanitarian roots, especially those of human reproduction where health personnel play a fundamental role as individuals who facilitate , promote the faculty of the patient to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, highlighting the right to information and education.

It is therefore convenient to review, forgetting our old prejudices, all the isolated facts, the legends, traditions and old doctrines that have been supporting the reality of this entelechy, despite the paralyzing skepticism of many scientists. We simply insist on calling attention to renewed concerns, no longer esoteric or primitive, but based on recent advances in experimental science and backed by rigorous and equanimous reasoning. With such premises, the objective, rigorously scientific verification of this legendary principle is sought. We formulate an invocation so that when this is achieved, the dawn of a propitious future will guide the evolution of medicine along the still hidden paths of human improvement.

Dear Congressmen, the world is sicker every day with distrust and fear, we border on anguish at times. It is up to us to contribute to the eradication of these evils, to serve the cause of human understanding, and to fight to ensure peace. That peace that is not anyone’s poster, because it is everyone’s flag, no matter what the color or the country or religion. We are individuals of flesh and blood and hope, who come together to advance our science, but with a supreme purpose, that of better helping human beings.

Friends, all of us, we present ourselves without a mask and without pretending to put false glasses before your eyes. We are a Latin country, more than by origin, by temperament, by the inclination of the spirit, a people of artistic sensitivity, for which the promise of a beautiful dream is usually more true than the harsh objective reality. Welcome to the Mexican home.

Dr. Samuel Karchmer
July, 2019