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  • 22 January, 2021

Communication report 2018: FLASOG in the eyes of the world

Communication report 2018: FLASOG in the eyes of the world

Communication report 2018: FLASOG in the eyes of the world 720 250 admin


The Communication and Social Media Committee gave continuity to a comprehensive corporate communication project to enhance what was achieved by the promotion of the XXII FLASOG 2017 Congress. Two main aspects were considered in this project: the construction of more and better dissemination channels academic-scientific and opening channels of bilateral interest with the pharmaceutical industry so that our institution can carry out more and better professionalization actions.

Basically, they worked in 4 areas during the year:
1.- Branding
2.- Digital Marketing
3.- Academic Content
4.- FLASOG Alliance
5.- Positioning

In order to improve and strengthen the FLASOG branding, the logo was stylized and the Federation’s corporate stationery was renewed, achieving a more corporate and institutional image.

Regarding Digital Marketing, efforts were made to expand the reach of our current social networks, adding more than 8,981 people, to have a total of followers; thus increasing the scope and penetration of our actions in Latin America and the world.

In order to improve the communication of the Federation, the corporate website www.flasog.org was completely redesigned, including new sections and enriching the information it contained. It is worth highlighting the permanent effort in the constant updating of this valuable tool.

In order to optimize the academic content, supported by the most practical digital platforms, in 2018 the Gineco FLASOG Magazine was launched, an editorial project of bimonthly publication with review and consultation articles; Likewise, the monthly FLASOG Bulletin was reactivated, the purpose of which is to disseminate in a broader format the current events of the Federation, the work it does and its future plans. The posts in both editorial issues were read by 56,500 people with more than 109,000 views.

Once the development of the new website was consolidated, the editorial publications of the Bulletin and the Magazine were underway and the social networks were growing rapidly, the “FLASOG Alliance” was integrated, a project aimed at the Pharmaceutical Industry and related that presents the possibility to present their services and products in specific spaces within the Federation’s media, bringing them closer to more specialists throughout Latin America.

The Committee’s efforts were not only confined to digital actions since there was also very active participation in the FIGO Congress where the FLASOG 2020 Congress was promoted to be held in Paraguay the next 1st Ibero-American Summit on Contraception and Sexual Health at be held from August 31 to July 2 in Mexico City; actions that have the firm objective of positioning the image and events of our Federation.

In 2019 the Executive Committee has already defined the course: Digitization. It is expected that more projects will be carried out to underpin what was done in 2018 and above all to promote the continuous training and specialization of doctors in Latin America and the world.