It is satisfactory to record that the position held by FLASOG, of not accepting the proposal to reform the statutes, considering it a reform justified only in legal aspects and of economic benefit, which would transform FIGO into an autocratic entity, where the Member Societies would be limited to Respectful requests and not the demand for the rights that the 2015 Constitution confers on us today, was unanimously endorsed at the Executive Board meeting held in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

At said meeting, the members of the Executive Board decided to exclude this point from the agenda of the General Assembly, giving a vote of confidence to the new directors so that they take responsibility for generating democratic spaces for discussion and participation, which were not taken into account. account in the above process.

This vote of confidence strengthens the governability of our FIGO President, which, together with the election as Officers of people who share his vision of FIGO, allow us to predict the success of his management, which, as we have said before, will contribute to consolidate the prestige from Latin America.

The participation of Latin America, represented by the Presidents of each National Society, was inspired by concerted decisions and generating milestones that revealed our support for Dr. Carlos Fuchtner, who assumed the presidency for the 2018-2021 period and will have on the Executive Board with the support of the representatives of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and Mexico.

We are sure that your commitment and motivation to work for the strengthening of FIGO will meet the expectations of the Obstetricians and Gynecologists community and that a window of opportunity will open to consolidate the progress that our colleagues from this part of the world have been generating with pride for the benefit Women’s.

Welcome Dr. Carlos Fuchtner,
you can count on the support of Latin America!



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