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  • 22 January, 2021

Always Cristina

Always Cristina

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In my profession of Gynecologist and Sexologist for so many years, I have been able to see stories from the first page, the denouement, the end and the epilogue; Most of the time, with the certainty that I was able to contribute some element that would make life peaceful, and with the gratification that from this humanist profession one can always see the human being with the clarity of a May sky.

Two years ago a patient who had not seen for years came to the office, I remembered her for her frank smile, the sharpness of her gaze and because she always read my articles, -as she tells me- she liked the ones from the series of ” San Jeronimito ”(a satire of politics in a lost town in our homeland).

As soon as Camelia entered, she shuddered into a cry that almost prevented her from speaking, she could not spin words and of course she showed atrocious suffering.
“20 years ago you treated me for my last delivery, it was when Cristian was born, do you remember?

“Of course I remember you! But the truth is I don’t have Cristian in mind,” I answered sincerely, “but it doesn’t matter.” What’s going on? calm down and tell me

With great effort and wiping away her tears, she told me her story of a girón: “Cristian is the child we expected, for my husband the fact that we had two women first made him always think about the arrival of his child, that is why when he found out that he was going to be a man, he made a party every moment he could. From a very young age I discovered, but I didn’t want to give it importance, that he liked to dress up like his sisters, and on more than one occasion I saw him wanting to put on his little sister’s skirt; I thought he was trying to look like her or that he was amused by women’s clothing. As time went by, there were more facts that I should have taken into account, such as when at Halloween parties I liked to go to all of them and always dressed as a woman, knowing that it was a costume I even applauded; my problem Dr. it is that now that his university is finished as an Electronics Engineer he has confessed to me something that I do not understand, that makes me very unhappy “- The tears did not let her continue with her speech. I gave her time by inviting her to take a deep breath, and finally she added:
“Mom from today I stop being Cristian and I want you to call me CRISTINA, because I am convinced that I was born in the wrong body, I am a woman in all my essence and therefore from now on I will live as a woman” do you accept me? “His father, who heard everything, was about to hit him, attacking him with strong words that made him immediately defend my son: -I accept him because I love him, if you don’t, you’d better go!” with anger and resentment to see the hatred in his eyes. In fact, after a few days, he left, saying that it would be better to look for work in the United States and that later he would send me money for his children ”.

Cristian is a transsexual and since he was a child he realized that he had to fight a thousand demons, hundreds of ravines and thousands of mighty rivers. Transsexuality is a gender incongruity, that is, feeling in the wrong body; Since June 2018, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it ceased to be a mental illness, remaining as a disorder due to the lack of adaptation of the body and gender that the person feels; This inadequacy requires professional support to reassign body and gender, which implies living the new role, hormonal treatment and finally surgical treatment. I explained to Camelia in detail each point and the paths that exist in Mexico to accompany these difficult life stories. She calmed down and went out ready to fight.

Camelia recently returned beaming with victory, just to tell me all the trails she has traveled.

“Cristina just started working in a large company, and we already plan for this year once she sells a house that my father left me to operate in Canada, I still have a hard time but I love her like my other daughters. My husband sends us money but he never asks for Cristina. The fight was very difficult because in order to change the name of her documents we had to get to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, and I drew strength even from the stones but I was always with my daughter, and finally we WIN, now with her documents They are in order, it is very clear to me that there are no culprits, that it is part of life and that she deserves to be happy. I am willing to continue fighting because the fight is not over yet, our family, the people; but what does it matter if Mi Cristi is happy, and her sisters adore her ”.

Camelia left and I was left thinking about the greatness of mothers who never leave their children, who are capable of swimming all the seas to see the happiness on the faces of their offspring. Would parents do the same?