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  • 22 January, 2021

FIGO: The reform of the bylaws, an attempt to perpetuate autocracy?

FIGO: The reform of the bylaws, an attempt to perpetuate autocracy?

FIGO: The reform of the bylaws, an attempt to perpetuate autocracy? 720 250 admin


The reform of the statutes that FIGO has put into consideration of its member companies, requires a deep reflection focused on, if the figure of a non-profit organization (charity) is justified, to achieve a less onerous tax treatment in the United Kingdom and sacrificing the spaces for democratic participation that are contemplated today by the constitution in force since 2015.

In light of the new proposal, the decisions will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the “Board of Directors”, a new name given to the “Officers” and deprives the Executive Board of powers, which, as of the reform, will only be a body advisor that will be called “Executive Council” and will be made up of 24 people representing the member companies.

This advisory body will have the possibility of electing five of its members representing each of the regions that make up FIGO, who will be called “Executive Council Directors”, which at the discretion of the six members of the Board of Directors, may be summoned to a meeting (Join Meeting), where this group of 11 people may address issues of interest, without the decisions of this entity binding on the Board of Directors.

In other words, the reform will transform FIGO into an autocratic entity, where the member societies will be limited to respectful requests and not to demand the rights that the 2015 constitution confers on us today. Curiously, this reform is intended to be approved a few hours from now. that a Latin American assumes the presidency of FIGO, who incidentally does not share the proposal, a position that has been ignored by the current “Officers”, who have obsequently insisted on presenting this reform for our consideration in the General Assembly that will be held will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil within the framework of the world congress.

In this scenario, a reasonable position would be to not accept this reform and to respectfully request the delivery of the proposal to the new managers who will be appointed in the next Assembly, so that they take responsibility for generating spaces for discussion and participation, that unfortunately were not taken into account in this process.

We cannot accept a justified reform only in legal aspects and of economic benefit proposed by a commission of illustrious colleagues, to whom we must acknowledge their effort, but who unfortunately did not have the spaces for socialization and discussion in the instances that FIGO has planned for these purposes .

Additionally, it is our duty to generate milestones that reveal our support to whoever will assume the presidency for the 2018-2021 period, with the understanding that the success or failure of his management will largely depend on the support that we can provide from our Latin America.

Do the current authorities intend to perpetuate an autocracy? If so, we must not allow it. It is in our hands, we must support the position of our president-elect, which is the position of Latin America.