2nd Edition


To provide didactic tools for primary care in infant and adolescent gynecology.

INTEGRAL TEACHING: (Master class, discussion forums, informative capsules, discussion of clinical cases, practical exercises).

DURATION: 6 months

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: Live sessions every 15 days

18 hrs. Central America and Mexico
19 hrs. Panama, Colombia and Andean Region
20 hrs. Venezuela and Dominican Republic
21 hrs. Southern Cone, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil

Within reach of health professionals

 Course endorsed by FLASOG

Academic Coordination
Dr. Maria Mercedes Perez

Logistics and Virtual Education Coordination
Dr. Alvaro Erramuspe

Administrative Coordination
Maité Rangel


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Total cost per course: $180 usd.

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Master Class 1: The medical history of girls and adolescents
Master Class 2: The general physical examination and the gynecological examination
Master Class 3: Complementary studies in child and adolescent consultation

Master Class 1. Physiology of normal puberty.
Master Class 2: Precocious Puberty
Master Class 3: Pubertal Delay

Master Class 1. Breast development: embryology, anatomy, physiology.
Master Class 2. Developmental abnormalities
Master Class 3. Tumor pathology and other conditions of the breast

Master Class 1. Vulvovaginitis
Master Class 2. Synechia of the labia minora
Master Class 3. Vulvar Pathology

Master Class 1. Embryogenesis. Nomenclature and classification
Master Class 2. Clinical. Diagnosis of DDS
Master Class 3. Behavior before DDS (medical, psychological and surgical).

Master Class 1. Adolescent Amenorrhea
Master Class 2. Polycystic ovary syndrome in adolescents.
Master Class 3. Abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescents

Master Class 1. Embryology of the development of the female reproductive system.
Master Class 2. Abnormalities of the female reproductive system.
Master Class 3. Behavior in the face of structural alterations of the female reproductive tract.

Master Class 1. Epidemiology of sexual abuse.
Master Class 2. Clinical history and evaluation of the victim of sexual abuse.
Master Class 3. Treatment and follow-up of victims of sexual abuse.

Master Class 1. Pelvic Pain
Master Class 2. Endometriosis
Master Class 3. Premenstrual syndrome.

Master Class 1. Contraceptive counseling for adolescents. Contraceptive methods: types, efficacy, mechanism of action, duration of contraceptive effect.
Master Class 2. Long-acting reversible contraceptive methods. Estrogen-free contraception.
Master Class 3. Eligibility criteria for contraceptive methods (special situations and contraception non-contraceptive benefits).

Master Class 1. The adolescent and risk for STIs
Master Class 2. Main STIs in adolescents
Master Class 3. Prevention.

Master Class 1. Introduction of immunizations and their importance in the health of infants and adolescents.
Master Class 2. Current immunization schedule in children and adolescents.
Master Class 3. Vaccination for prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.


Module 1 Gynecologic Consultation in girls and adolescents
Module 2 Normal and pathological puberty
Module 3 Mammary problems in children and adolescents
Module 4 Vulvovaginal Problems in Children and Adolescents
Module 5 Disorders of Sexual Differentiation (DSD)
Module 6 Menstrual disorders in adolescence.
Module 7. Structural alterations of the female reproductive system.
Module 8. Sexual violence
Module 9. Pelvic pain in children and adolescents.
Module 10. Contraception in adolescence
Module 11. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
Module 12. Immunizations in childhood and adolescence


Guest lecturers
Dra. Julissa Garisto
Dra. Margarita Castro
Dra. Carlota Muller
Dra. Cristil Ochoa
Dra. Paula Oholeguy
Dra. Jesusana Materan
Dra. Marisa David
Dra. Sophia Rivas
Dra. Karlota López de Kauffman
Dra. María Mercedes Pérez
Dra. Yumarlin Torres
Dr. José Luis Natera
Dra. Melissa Osuna
Dra. Adelvi Nieto
Dra. Nathalie Rodriguez
Dr. Roger González
Dra. Lía Matera
Dr. Alfredo Caraballo
Dra. Priscila Rodríguez
Dra. Paulina Troncoso
Dra. Vinka Jackson
Dra. Raxheda Ortega
Dra. Josefina Lira
Dra. Brenda Morales
Dra. Andrea Von Holveling
Dra. Silvia Oizerovich
Dra. Marisa Labovsky
Dra. Melissa Osuna
Dr. José Masache
Dra. Marlene Arroyo
Dra. Lina Verónica Méndez
Dra. Saturnina Clemente
Dr. José Villeda
Module Coordinators
Dr. Alfredo Caraballo
Dra. Juana Serret
Dra. Doria Carrasco
Dra. Luz Fermín
Dr. Andrés Zamora
Dra. Margarita Castro
Dra. Fanny Carrero
Dra. Adela Montero
Dra. Liliane Herter
Dra. Soledad Estefan
Dr. Patricio Jacomé
Dra. María Mercedes Pérez
Dra. Fanny Corrales