A good doctor must have certain characteristics, such as a real vocation, possess certain skills inherent to his profession, good communication and a special dedication to work among other things, Douglas Jarquín, besides all this, possessed empathy, respect and good treatment for with his patients; critical and proactive towards his colleagues, when he should. As a Professional, he was a tireless worker, researcher and teacher, who put all his intellectual energies to achieve the proposed results, he was constantly motivating his students, colleagues and subordinates, so that everyone felt part of each project that was carried out .

Despite being a skilled OB-GYN surgeon, he preferred to leave the operating room and dedicate himself to Maternal and Child Public Health, as well as clinical and operational research. Training that I carry out at the Latin American Center for Perinatology (CLAP) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

At the union level, he was a born leader of the Gynecology Association, participating in Reproductive Health projects, giving training throughout the country, with good results. In the research studies, he went to the communities, to see their needs closely, review with the operatives the difficulties they had, and gave them support to overcome them.

At the level of the Ministry of Health, I participated as the main researcher, in the realization of the Maternal Mortality Baseline, implementing actions at the Country level, such as training in their workplace, holding workshops with the personnel involved, in order to reduce Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in El Salvador. It also worked in a unified way as ASOGOES; with the Western Gynecology Association (AGOSA) and the Eastern Gynecology Association (AGOO), holding Continuing Education Sessions with them.

He participated in the reactivation of the Central American Federation of Gynecology (FECASOG) in 1995, and the COMIN-FECASOG Research Committee, being its Coordinator (2004 to 2016), conducting various investigations in the Central American Area, including the Maternal Morbidity Study Extreme in the Central American Region, awarded as the Best Scientific Work in the Obstetric Area, in the Latin American Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics, in 2008 in the City of Mendoza, Argentina.

He was a Master of Central American and Latin American Gynecology and Obstetrics. He represented our Country on multiple occasions, raising the name of El Salvador, the Central American Region, as well as Latin America as Coordinator of the FLASOG Maternal Mortality Committee.

As a person, he was an excellent husband, father, grandfather and friend, always ready to provide his support in bad times as well as in good times. His family was his priority, being an example of work and dedication for his children and grandchildren.

Rest in peace our friend Dr. José Douglas Jarquín González.



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